Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Patriks ros

Patrik (Holmström 2006: Rugelda x Astrid Lindgren). Denna korsning mellan en rugosa och en floribunda gjorde jag 2006. Resultatet blev en ljust gul ros som bleknar till cremevitt med gulgula ståndare. En remonterande buskros med svag doft och mörkgrönt bladverk. Uppkallad efter en av mina söner.

Patrik (Holmström 2006: Rugelda x Astrid Lindgren). I made this crossing between a rugosa and a floribunda in 2006. The result was a light yellow rose which fades to a cream white shade with golden stamens and a faint scent. This is a remountant shrub with dark green foliage, named for one of my sons.


Luna said...

Hi Katarina, what a beautiful rose!
I love the wihte roses most (I can't good english, sorry).

I wish you a Happy New Year and I will give your blog in my list.

I'm sorry, you've got no translater (google).


Marie said...

Å så skjønn rose!

Godt nyttår :)

Unknown said...

beautiful rose and such a lovely labour of love too!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Katarina, You have created a wonderful rose. I have enlarged the picture and its beauty. I love the blousy, informal roses very much. Are you familiar with the Alister Clark Roses. He was an Australian gentleman farmer who was lucky enough to do nothing else then pursue his hobby to breed a reliable Rose for the aussi climate.
His Roses look similar. I have Lady Man and love it very much. I would love to create a rose garden, just with Clark roses. Perhaps one day the vegetable gardener gives away some of his veggie space which is the sunniest spot!

James Owens said...

Stunning pictures....

Antigonum Cajan said...

If you like the Canon ball
tree you may
also like this:

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Good luck in your projects.

Lena Brustad said...

Er både Patriks ros og Ellinors ros samme krossningen av Rugelda x Astrid Lindgren? Så er resultatet så forskjellig? Utrolig!

Katarina said...

Svar till Lena Brustad: Jag det är från samma korsning. Jag tycker också det är märkligt hur olika resultat det kan bli. /Katarina